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Migrant Tour

The Migrant tour 


The Migrant tour consists in the possibility to even meet your own unknown relatives in Sicily, those links in genealogic tree lost in time, due for instance, to immigration in the United States of America.
Based on historical research in the archives and other places, we can find several aspects of people history about Ancestors from Sicily.

some of the aspects are:
1. visiting the place where your Sicilian ancestors were from
2. visiting the cemetery where to find tombs of relatives
3. visiting churches and council archives to consult documents connected to relatives
4. visiting living relatives connected to ancestors in own family
5. finding the houses and sites where relatives lived
6. tasting local gastronomy
7. additional aspects to plan in advance


“We are very grateful for all of your time and effort in researching and sharing information about our family's ancestors in the Trapani-Erice region. We learned so much about our grandparents that we never knew.
I hope your continued research finds out more about the Candela and Portoghese ancestors and family, as well as living relatives in the Trapani area. I know we will return to Trapani some day and we look forward to seeing all of you again and visiting with you, as well as with possible family relatives in the area”.
Peter Candela
(source: tripadvisor https://bit.ly/2QDXXRx)

you can see the Candela Family in the picture taken in Erice during the tour 



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