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Car Rental in Sicily and rest of Italy

Car Rental from all airports in Sicily and main Sicilian towns: Catania, Palermo, Trapani and even without credit car. Now available in all Italy

New Cars to rent from this season: Porsche Cayenne, Fiat 500 Abarth and Fiat 500 Cabrio

Easy Trapani car rental is available in all Sicily. From 2014, we grew to serve thousands of visitors like in last year. Through our network of partners, customers can receive the cars at offices in all airports: Catania, Palermo, Trapani, Comiso; Offices are also in towns: Catania, Palermo, Trapani, Siracusa and Milazzo. Now, we open activities in several main airports in the rest of Italy: Napoli, Bari, Rome (Fiumicino), Rome (Ciampino), Bologna, Milan (Malpensa), Milan (Linate). We never spent even a penny on advertising, we grew through word of mouth and online reviews. Some highlights are: no need for credit card, very small starting from €100 or even no deposit, and especially our human touch!

We rent cars at any airport in Sicily: Catania, Palermo, Trapani, Comiso, Lampedusa, Pantelleria
We also rent cars and deliver to most of towns and places in Sicily
Hiring a car with Easy Trapani is very simple, because we offer a completed and affordable formula
There are also several turbodiesel cars, as well as automatics and cars with capacity of up to seven or nine people

we rely on a network of car rental companies and partners to give you the best cars and quotes at a better price comparing to when you directly contact them.

moreover, if you find a better quote comparing to ours, we strongly suggest you to inform us and communicating competitor price and name; in this case, if we can, we are also able to adjust the price for you and negotiate a more affordable price with our car rental partners and suppliers

we are on your side, that's why you are in contact with us. most of the case, it is because you have been already our customers, or because someone like your relatives or friends advise you to contact us, or because you read positive reviews and comments about us on the internet like on tripadvisor or specific online forums about renting a car in Sicily and renting a car with Easytrapani

despite other car rental operators where you rent the car and deal on a website, here we are people you can talk with, write a message and receive an answer, personalized and in your language, like English, Polish, Italian, Lithuanian, Hungarian when necessary. contact us to get the best quote, if we can, we are pleased to offer you a discount

One day car hire is equivalent to 24 hours of service. For example: start of service at 10.00 - end of service at 9.59 of the following day

Contact us for a quote: you can fill out the form on this page indicating the day and time of the start and end of the car rental; alternatively, send an email to easytrapani@easytrapani.com

we can rent you one of the following cars 

1) category A (petrol) (manual)

Fiat 500 - Smart for 2 or similar models


2) category B (petrol / hybrid) (manual / automatic)
Fiat Panda - Volkswagen Up - Smart for 4 - Toyota Aygo or similar models

3) category C (turbodiesel / petrol) (manual / automatic)
Volkswagen Polo - Renault Clio - Ford Fiesta - Toyota Yaris or similar models


4) category D (turbodiesel / hybrid) (manual / automatic)
Volkswagen Golf - Renault Megane - Fiat Tipo - Toyota Corolla or similar models

5) category E (station wagon) (turbodiesel / hybrid) (manual / automatic)
Volkswagen Golf - Renault Clio - Renault Talisman - Renault Megane - Fiat Tipo - Toyota Corolla or similar models

6) category F (7 seats) (turbodiesel)
Renault Espace - Volkswagen Touran - Citroën C4 Grand Picasso - Opel Zafira or similar models

7) category G (9 seats) (turbodiesel)
Renault Trafic - Fiat Ducato - Opel Vivaro - Citroën Jumpy - Toyota Proace or similar models

8) category H (cabriolet) (turbodiesel)
Volkswagen Maggiolino / Beetle - Fiat 500 - Opel Cascade - Renault Megane - Citroën DS3 - Peugeot 308 - Peugeot 207 or similar models

9) category I (SUV & luxury cars) (turbodiesel)
Alfa Romeo Stelvio - Audi A5 - Audi A6 - Audi Q3 - Audi Q5 - Renault Talisman or similar models

10) category L (luxury cars) (turbodiesel)

Mercedes E or similar models


11) category M (Sport) (petrol)

Fiat 500 Abarth 695 70H or similar models


12) category I (SUV Sport & luxury cars) (turbodiesel)

Porsche Cayenne or similar models



Car Rental Options:

I) with R.C.A. basic standard insurance;

with credit card and with deposit €1,300 (franchise damages: €1,400; franchise theft: €1,500)


II) with casco insurance (covering 99% of insurance issues);

without credit card and with deposit (€200); or with credit, debit, prepaid or any other card; deposit by any card or by cash


III) with super casco insurance (covering 100% of insurance issues);

without credit card and with deposit (€100); or with credit, debit, prepaid or any other card; deposit by any card or by cash



Casco covers any accident, theft, fire, car damages excluded roof and under car, yes for side mirrors

Casco does not cover the following cases that are covered by the supercasco:

damage to the roof, damage to the under car, interiors, glasses windows, tyres


Same airport deliveries are for free

All cars are new from last year or from last previous years.
Advanced payment is required for car rental costs, only; not for the deposit.

The deposit has to be given at the starting of service

When you pay by cash, it is required to leave the amount of deposit in cash or any card

When you pay by card, the amount of deposit will be held on your card or given by cash

At the end of service, the amount of deposit will be released to you, either in cash or on your card

Cars are:

full to full fuel

with unlimited miles

with air conditioning


You can choose the category and not the model. you can specify your favorite model, we do not guarantee you that we will give you that model, if possible yes, if not, you will receive any other type of car in the category you have chosen, or if no car available in the chosen category, we will give you un upgrade, a car of higher category free of additional charges

an advanced payment is required to book the car

please specify eventual flight number, fill in the following form and send it back to us when you book the car



Please send us copy of bank receipt (if payment by bank).

A few References

We do not update references on the website since 2017. You can read more updated references at the following links:










Thank you for the possibility to rent the car from you! Even though we've rented cars in other countries, after reading comments and opinions about all the car rentals in Sicily, we've been quite scared! But luckily it seems like you've been the only one with such a positive feedback from your customers! And we can agree with that in 100%! Everything was excellent!

Thanks again ­čśŐ

Joanna - Google


Car rental without a credit card’s experience - Absolutely recommended: I rented a car for the second time with the help of Gianni for 8 days on Catania (the first time on Palermo). I was pleased with the experience of the previous year and I turned to him again. Despite the countless estimates also this year, his price was the lowest provided price that was proposed (with a further discount as a gift for renting the second time). Car with his partner on Catania, perfect, new and in excellent condition. Particular mention to the availability, courtesy and goodness of Gianni ...Fantastic person, I can not wait to return for the third time and succeeded in finally participating in one of the tours that organizes! Highly recommended. Trust me.

Simone - Tripadvisor


We were in Sicily in the middle of August, we rented the car by phone and Mr. Gianni Grillo was really kind and helpful, through Mr. Gregorio we collected the car at Catania airport. Excellent experience, car rental recommended!

Donatella - Tripadvisor


Car hire and return from Catania airport. The rental process lasted 5 minutes. Excellent contact. Everything went smoothly. Collection and return of the car very quickly. Refund of the deposit after 1 day. We got a better car than the booking contract for the same price. Recommended.

Łukasz - Google


I rented a car with Easy Trapani this March. There was no problem with setting up the details of rental - Gianni responded to every email and gave me all information I needed. Everything was perfectly organized (I was picking up the car from Catania airport), no credit card needed, deposit quickly came back to my account. I highly recommend Easy Trapani as a professional car rental.

Kinga - Google


I rented a car at EasyTrapani via the internet (form from http page). Gregorio picked me up from the airport in Catania, gave me a ride to the company, where I was waiting for me alfa romeo giulietta. Everything runs smoothly from start to finish. I am happy and recommend in the future.

Jarek - Facebook


Gianni Grillo made a car booking for us. He was professional and replied to our emails within an hour or few hours with all the necessary information. We are very happy with the service of Easy Trapani and would definitely rent a car with this company again.

Andrea - Facebook


We needed a car and we had no credit card. Luckily, we contacted Easytrapani. Managed to hire a car with no problems, car arrived on time and was taken from us also on time. Good price, no deposit needed and the car was running well whole week. I can only recommend easytrapani after our vacation.

Michał - Facebook


We're really glad and hardly recommend EasyTrapani.... It is comfortable to rent car here cause you don't need a credit card :) … During the reservation process we also got a Polish language service which was comfortable. Theirs services know many languages :) We recommend theirs services with a big pleasure!

Anja and Michal - Tripadvisor


Thank you very much for help in rent a bus for our yachting crew. Everything was perfect organized by Mikolaj from easytrapani. We are very satisfied !

Dawid - Facebook


I am happy to recommend EasyTrapani company . I rented a car with you. Everything was perfect. Fast and competent service, also in Polish. Thank you very much, certainly I use your services again next year.

El┼╝bieta - Facebook


We used Easy Trapani to rent a car for two days, despite the period of great crowding they managed to find us a car (we had to use one day a point and the following day a Lancia Y because in that period there was much demand). The cars were both in excellent condition, and the gentleman who handed them over was very kind. When we brought the car back, it gave us a ride to the center, stopping to eat with us and giving us some good advice.

Aurora - Tripadvisor


I organized a stay in Sicily for 11 people. Thanks to Easy Trapani, everything worked out. They reserved cars for us (cheap and full insurance) and return transport. They helped on the spot. Service speaks Polish (Mikolaj) and English. Thanks to them, we felt safe in Sicily and thank you very much for that. I recommend their services. Visit their website because they have a lot to offer.

Beata Noga - Tripadvisor


I had the opportunity to use EasyTrapani to rent a car. The case is non-standard, the car was supposed to be 7 people. Compared to the offers from the net, we got a really nice price with full insurance, which for the spontaneous ride of Sicilians is highly recommended :-))

The car turned out to be trouble-free and gave advice on winding, uneven roads, during this 2 weeks we traveled 1700km and there was no trouble. The service on site was perfect, and the most surprised was the possibility of leaving the car at the airport (open with keys in the clipboard ...). I can easily recommend EasyTrapani.com to everyone

Darek - Tripadvisor


Trapani - here we start our journey in Sicily. Our airplane (ryanair) lands at night. At the airport waiting for us a car rented with EasyTrapani.com by Gianni Grillo....

In EasyTrapani.com we rented a comfortable car, which we toured the whole island without any problems. No credit cards, no bills and no other handicaps. Really cheap!

Thanks to Mikołaj, with whom everything can be agreed in Polish.

Gianni is enchanting and meets all requests and wishes. Cooperation with such people is full of comfort - an absolute revelation!

I highly recommend all travelers and especially from Poland.

Danuta - Tripadvisor



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