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Escursioni Trapani

History & culture

Sicilian history is a reflection of diverse nations which inhabited its lands and shaped its heritage for centuries. Sicily - as we know it now - would not exist without the Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Normans, Phoenicians or Spaniards. The Island and its traditions are a celebration of this diversity - a cultural richness which local people are truly proud of!

We invite you to explore the past of Sicily with the founder of EasyTrapani himself, Gianni Grillo.
The local heritage and history are his passion - and he loves to share with others. Travel back in time and learn about Sicily’s most fascinating and crucial events - moments which defined its culture, politics and development. Visit some of the island’s most beautiful cities, such as Erice, Segesta, Mozia, Selinunte, Trapani, Marsala, Palermo or Agrigento, and explore their key historical spots, local museums, archaeological sites from the Elymians, the Sicanians, the Sicels until the Independent Kingdom of the Two Sicilies.