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Autó bérlés

Autó bérlés

Bérelj nálunk autót Szicília bármelyik repteréről, legyen az Catania, Palermo, Trapani, Comiso, Lampedusa vagy Pantelleria


Hire a car with Easy Trapani is very simple, because we offer a completed and affordable formula
There are also several turbodiesel cars, as well as automatics and cars with capacity of up to seven or nine people

Please contact us by email or form on this page, to get the correct quote for you

The cost of car rental changes depending on the number of days of service and depending on the time of year. For example, the cost per day is lower if there are many days of rental, in addition the cost per day is lower in the low season, like in winter

One day car hire is equivalent to 24 hours of service. For example: start of service at 10.00 - end of service at 9.59 of the following day


Béreld ki nálunk az alábbi autók egyikét:

Az árak a listán kiinduló árak


1) A kategória (benzines)

Fiat 500- Smart 2 személynek vagy hasonló modellek


2) B kategória (benzines)

Fiat Panda - Volkswagen Up - Smart 4 személynek vagy hasonló modellek


3) C kategória (turbódízel)

Volkswagen Polo - Renault Clio vagy hasonló modellek


4) D kategória (turbódízel)

Volkswagen Golf - Renault Megane vagy hasonló modellek


5) E kategória sedan (turbódízel)

Volkswagen Golf sedan- Renault Clio sedan - Renault Talisman sedan - Renault Megane sedan vagy hasonló modellek


6) F kategória 7 személyes (turbódízel)

Renault Espace vagy hasonló modellek


7) G kategória 9 személyes (turbódízel)

Renault Trafic vagy hasonló modellek


8) H kategória  kabrio  (turbódízel)

Volkswagen Maggiolino cabriolet vagy hasonló modellek


You can choose the category and not the model. you can specify your favorite model, we do not guarantee you that we will give you that model, if possible yes, if not, you will receive any other type of car in the category you have chosen, or if no car available in the chosen category, we will give you un upgrade, a car of higher category free of additional charges


Casco covers any accident, theft, fire, car damages excluding roof and under car, yes for side mirrors. Casco does not cover the following cases that are covered by the supercasco: damage to the roof, damage to the under car, interiors, glasses windows, tyres.

Reasons why we ask a deposit even with supercasco insurance and what deposit in covering with supercasco insurance

penalty in case of delay beyond the scheduled time € 60 + VAT

refueling service € 20.49 + VAT

penalty following fines and unpaid tolls € 49.18 + VAT

penalty for practice theft / accident € 49.18 + VAT

car cleaning, ordinary washing € 8.20 + VAT

car cleaning, extraordinary washing € 40.98 + VAT

lost / stolen car license plate € 100

lost / stolen car documents € 100

loss / theft / car key failure € 100

loss / theft / failure gps / sim gps € 100


same airport deliveries are for free

all cars are new from 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019. Only in exceptional cases, the car we will rent may be a few years older, however it will still be in excellent condition.

I confirm that there is no franchise with casco and supercasco insurance

Advanced payment is required for car rental costs, only; not for the deposit.

The deposit has to be given at the starting of service

When you pay by cash, it is required to leave the amount of deposit in cash or any card

When you pay by card, the amount of deposit will be held on your card or by cash

At the end of service, the amount of deposit will be released to you, either in cash or on your card

All cars are with:

full to full fuel

unlimited kilometres

air conditioning

road assistance


In order to book, please execute a bank transfer to the following bank account:

Account Name: Giovan Battista Grillo

Bank Name: Revolut Ltd

IBAN: LT953250012090177299



You can also pay by credit card or debit card by paypal on our website https://www.easytrapani.com/eng/car-rental.php


please specify eventual flight number and fill in the following form























Please send us copy of bank receipt (if payment by bank)


I should warn you about car rental broker websites.

They do not properly offer you a total supercasco insurance like what I am able to offer. Usually, their insurance is a third party insurance, connected to the broker website and not the car rental operator. It means that, if accidents or other issues will happen, firstly, you will pay all the eventual insurance costs; then, you have to claim the amount to the third party insurance company. Process is not always smooth, and due to hidden clausolas, length of time for claiming, amount of necessary documentation, travellers can risk the total or partial amount of the paid costs.

Moreover, there is the obligation to submit the driver’s credit card; there is also a relevant deposit to leave. 

A classical experience is that customers will arrive at the desk and they will realize that the insurance is not a proper total supercasco insurance and they will feel obliged and forced to subscribe for additional insurance. Just in that moment, those travellers who compared the total price between EasyTrapani and other car rental operators, will realize that EasyTrapani was the most convenient either for price and terms / conditions about the car rental quote.

With EasyTrapani, you do not need any credit card with casco and supercasco insurance; deposit can be just €100 and everything can be solved with any method of payments: cash, debit card, paypal, satispay, credit card.

Another crucial thing to be taken into account when you rent a car is to check reviews and references for the car rental operator: sometimes, you can read good reviews and sometimes bad reviews. You have to consider how sometimes the car rental operators speculate on insurance issues and other penalties, making customers pay unfair rates. Additionally, the corporate approach between the car rental company and their customers do not leave space for human understanding and touch

I hope with this additional information to clarify to you why it is good to rent a car with EasyTrapani under my supervision.



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